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Ask The Home Inspector


Some of the questions you should ask your Home Inspector.


Inspector #1

Inspector #2


1.  How long have you been in the home  inspection business?




2.  How many home inspections has your firm completed?

3. What qualifictaions does your firm have?


4.  How long is the average inspection?



5.  Do you inspect to the standards of A.H.I.T



6.  What is the total cost?      



7.  May I attend the inspection with you?




8.  Will I get a written report within 24 hours?



9.  What else do I get for that price?




10. Do you inspect wood stoves?




11. Do you inspect farm buildings, cottages, mobile and modular homes?



12. Can you provide approximate costs for repairs?



13. Do you contract for repairs or improvements?



14. Are you affiliated with any real estate orconstruction company?



15. Do you receive or give referral fees?



16. Can I call at a later date, for information oradvice?



17. What are your hours?




18. What is your availability?




19. How much notice do you require?




20. Do you accept cheques?



21. Are you willing to invoice my relocationcompany?



22. Can you provide references for me?