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Mold Inspections using dogs

I had the chance to watch this company in action. The sole intent with the dogs are to sniff out MOLD! The dog handlers had samples of mold inside a sealed PVC plumbing tube. The dogs were put outside while the dog handler put 12 sample tubes in various locations. Again only one tube had the mold sample inside the container.

After placing the tubes, the handler entered back into the building with one of the dogs on a lead and began sniffing as any dog would do in a new environment. The cool thing was, the dog found the correct tube. We did it again, and again. It was truly amazing to watch these dogs perform.

I feel that even with our moisture meters that we use today to locate active wet area's, we will locate the mold in prime area's. If it is an old dry area that mold had been growing during previous time's, we would not be able to locate all mold in some locations, but the dogs could!

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