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"Home staging is changing the way homes are being sold.

Home staging makes your home appealing to the broadest spectrum of buyers increasing your chance for a quicker sale at a higher price. To learn more information about "staging"please contact the following HomeStaging professionals listed below.  

Certified Staging Professionals

First Impressions Home Staging (Jennifer Davies)
At Home Staging (Lori Bondy)
Lori @ At Home Staging [athomestaging@cogeco.ca]
Certified Staging Professional
What is Home Staging?

You’ve seen it demonstrated on television shows like Open Homes, Sell This House and the House Doctor.  It’s all about making the most of your home’s positive features and minimizing any potential negatives.  When potential buyers come to your home, they’ve already decided that your home meets certain criteria, like location and price, so its up to you to make sure they are truly impressed once they step inside.  Enlisting the aid of a professional is the smart move that more and more homeowners are making.  And in a buyer’s market like Windsor, having your home staged isn’t even just a wise investment – it’s critical.  In just about every price range and just about every area, there are a myriad of homes to choose from right now.  You need to do what you can to make your home stand out as exceptional if you hope to attract some decent offers.

Home staging is very quickly changing the way homes are being sold.  It started back in the 80’s in California and is now being used in major urban centers across North America.  It’s considered one of the fastest growing industries because it works.   And your Canadian Staging Professionals ™ are certified, qualified and continually kept up to date on real estate and design trends.  They’ll look at your home through the buyer’s eyes and suggest various changes that will make your home more attractive.  And CSPs ™ can work with your budget, no matter how small.  Often times, the least expensive changes can make the biggest difference. 

Here’s some more food for thought.  When touring your home, a buyer thinks in $5000-$10,000 dollar amounts for things that can cost a couple hundred dollars to change or fix.   The end result is no offers or disappointing ‘low ball’ offers.   So you can see why staging is considered an investment.   Even with very little money, the creativity and expertise of your CSP™ will go a long way in making a big difference in the showcasing of your home and minimizing those ‘flaws’ that will be a turn off to buyers.  Sometimes the ‘flaw’ is a paint colour, sometimes it’s an overcrowded room.  Many sellers believe buyers will simply see past these things, but it’s too often not the case at all.  First Impressions mean everything so don’t give a buyer a single reason not to present to you the offer your home deserves.

If your home is on the market or about to be, remember, it’s a product, and needs to be marketed properly.  And today, proper marketing includes having it staged to it’s finest potential, by enlisting the help of a Canadian Staging Professional. ™